Most popular Mac lipsticks: best sellers, review, and swatches

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Last updated on May 15, 2024

Because it’s Mac Cosmetics 40th anniversary, we are going to celebrate all year round. I am “honoring” the event with posts about must-have star products of the brand. This time we will get in depth about the most popular lipsticks. Even the most notable launch of the year by now is related to lipsticks and that is the new Macximal Silky Matte Lipstick. The iconic lip product has been maxed out to give lips more with a silky matte finish. So more means improved formula with more coverage, more pigment and plenty of shades to chose from. It comes in a slightly bigger size, but the same simple and elegant design.   

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If you are new to Mac lipsticks, here is what you must know. The iconic lip product gets sold every second worldwide. Wow! The lipsticks are known for their high quality, rich pigmentation and a crazy range of shades. Currently over 200 different ones and doesn’t include lipglosses. 12 different lip textures, from ultra matte to deeply moisturizing. The most popular, most wanted and must-haves are the next ranges: MATTE, RETRO MATTE, AMPLIFIED CREAM AND LUSTRE. I will say a few words about each one to get an idea of what to expect when you read the name on the bullet. A special place in the range is held by the VIVA GLAM , that is the MAC project charity lipstick that supports MAC AIDS fund.

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The formula that is most loved because it’s not so easy to find at a good quality is the MATTE LIPSTICK. The range includes must have shades like the nude Velvet Teddy, the Russian Red, the deep raspberry tone Diva.

The RETRO MATTE lipsticks are even more matte than the matte ones and one good example is the Ruby Woo one.

The AMPLIFIED CREAM range consists of moisturizing and high coverage lipsticks, like the nude Blankety one.

LUSTRE lipsticks have a  light moisturizing finish like Pattisserie, Pretty Please and Hug Me.

Do you know which shades are the most popular?

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Ruby Woo(click to shop) is probably the most sold lipstick ever. I am not a lipstick girl and definitely not a red lipstick girl and still this was the first lip product I ever bought from Mac. It’s a very cool toned medium-dark red with a matte finish, a powerful, classic and statement shade. The pigmentation is semi-opaque with blue undertones, which makes your teeth look whiter.   

Ruby Woo belongs to the retro matte range which consists of “matter” that matte shades of the brand. The consistency is a more dry and it is long lasting. This one is a must in everyone’s makeup bag or kit.

mehr mac lipstick swatch

The MEHR MATTE(click to shop) lipstick is one of the cult shades of the brand and in general. You will hear about it in every recommendation of the best products from Mac and here is why.

Although it is classified as a matte, it is creamier than other matte shades and it dries down satin.

It is comfortable and hydrating and lasts pretty long during the day. Its a moderate warm toned medium mauve or how the brand describes it on the official page :”it’s a midtone mauve pink”.

It is still very wearable for light skin tones although is quite intense. I didn’t find something similar in the drugstores, so I would totally recommend this shade from Mac.

mac velvet teddy swatch

Velvet Teddy (click to shop) is a name that needs no introduction. A classic lipstick for brides or for any kind of look when what you reach for is a rosy-brown nude.

It compliments so many skin tones and it is so pleasant on the lips, no drying them out. It’s velvety, easy to apply and blend on the lips and comfortable to wear. The finish is semi-matte and it has a power of staying of at least 3-4 hours. 

I like to pair it with the Whirl lip liner, but the truth is that being so versatile, it goes well with so many different others. The pigmentation is great making it opaque on the lips. It’s a must in your makeup bag  or kit.

mac chili lipstick

CHILI (click to shop) is a special one. 

In 2021 a statistic shows that 2,4 million bullets were sold, according to Allure Magazine. That is just wow. What is special about this red lipstick? The undertone . It is described as a brick-red color, a mix of brown, orange and red. It is supposed to be matte, but the finish is satiny. It’s long wearing and although it’s not for everybody (it makes the teeth look more yellow, unlike Ruby Woo), it’s a statement shade that bring life to the face. From all the Mac reds, this one is a favorite for many as it can be worn more casually, on the everyday life. It’s enough just to add some concealer, mascara and you already got to go.


As the time goes by, more and more shades are getting their viral moment, their hype, but the ones in this article really stood up the test of time. I just hope that Mac will not change the colors, as we saw it happening in the past with OG shades that have different undertone nowadays.

Please take a moment and comment below which one is your favorite formula and shade from Mac Cosmetics Lipsticks and which one was your first one. Mine was ANGEL:))))

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  1. These are really good lipstick shades. I especially like the Velvet Teddy. Thank you for sharing these suggestions!

  2. You can never have enough lipstick, can you? I like the color of the Velvet Teddy, so I’ll hvae to try it. Thanks for sharing!

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