Identical makeup dupes that you can’t tell apart. Chapter 1

makeup identical dupes collection part 1
Last updated on May 22, 2024

In the past 3-4 years, given the global situation (a pandemic and then several wars), the supply chains got disrupted. There were global shortages of different materials, manpower, shipping problems which affected even the makeup world. Suddenly, products were out of stock( some of them for more than 1 year) , some got discontinued, some brands closed. A total mess. So in these times people adapt. The dupe search movement developed and with the help of the internet, replacements for beloved products were found in the absence of the originals. The hunt for a perfect 1 to 1 dupe resulted in creating hysteria online sometimes, when products became trendy or viral and creating again “out of stock” moments. I have here the first part of an edit of identical makeup dupes that you can’t tell apart and the search is on for other must haves 

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What is a dupe?

The word has a negative connotation, implying cheating and deceiving. But we know it is not like that:)) A good makeup dupe brings us happiness because we found a replacement for something that is missing or too expensive. Maybe only the duped products companies feel the disappointment of seeing their work copied to some extent, but there is a free market and the demand is high. So dupes will keep on being created and sold.

There are a few reasons we are searching for dupes. Either the scarcity of the original product, either the price of the first one, which if it’s in high end category, then it’s very expensive, either the companies do not ship to our location, but we really want that product.

bronzers nars and catrice

Nars Laguna 02
Bronzing cream-
buy here

bronzers catrice and nars

Can you really see a difference? I don’t. Absolutely identical. Both products are buttery warm toned bronzers: pigmented, easy to blend and resistant. Nars Laguna Bronzer no 02 is the OG and VIP and must have product that gives you color exactly where the sun would hit. The Catrice drugstore bronzer in 020 Beach Babe is an exact dupe, minus the smell (many reviewers were not so fond about the way Nars smells, it’s a soft coconut smell, that goes away after a couple of minutes, so it doesn’t bother me) and plenty of dollars. 

Here I leave a little video to see the two products side by side. CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

velvet teddy and pillow talk lipsticks

A special situation in this next identical makeup dupes is when the products are more or less the same price (both lipsticks are high-end). So the criteria of price will not make you choose. Because the demand is so high and they get viral from time to time, one can replace the other when you can’t find one of them. They are both nude matte pink browns, very versatile, used for makeup for events and for everyday. They suit so many skin tones. Their consistency is smooth and velvety and very comfortable to apply and wear. They don’t dry the lips and they both have a good 4 hour wear.

I have a little video to show the similarity.- CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

clinique black honey and elf ecstatic side by side

At the time of publishing this blog post, the Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick was sold out again everywhere, so you understand where the need for dupes comes. The Clinique lip product best seller is on the market since 1971. Is a sheer, buildable, and universal shade that changes depending on your lip color, which makes it so versatile. That is because it’s a blend of blue, red and yellow, the primary colors. It acts like a transparent balm meets lipstick for every skin tone. As you can see from the picture, the e.l.f. lip balm in Ecstatic is identical on the lips, plus it conditions them just like the Clinique one.

Click for the video to see them side by side

mac in extreme dimension and essence lash princess dupe

If you are a fan of bold false effect lashes and not so shy to make a statement, these two mascaras will give you this look. They will create dense volume, extreme length and curled lashes that last through the day. If you don’t want them to transfer on the skin, I recommend just tapping the tip of the lashes with some loose powder. It’s a great hack if you don’t want panda eyes and you don’t like waterproof mascaras. And let’s talk about how affordable is the Essence one. Once again, be prepared for dramatic lashes, the clumpy effect will be very visible unless you brush them through.

Click for the video to see them side by side

givency prisme libre voile rose and lorac pro soft rose powder

From all the identical makeup dupes I am excited the most about the next one. You will know the difference only in your pocket. The Givenchy loose powder is double the price, although Lorac is not a drugstore brand. The fact that the internet went crazy about this corrective powder in the pink shade specifically made the product impossible to find, although so expensive. The powder mattifies, blurs, and illuminates the complexion while setting the makeup for the day. I found my Lorac one by chance, it comes at half of the price and it has the sameeee effect. I am so happy about this find.

Click for the video to see them side by side

Did you try any of these identical makeup dupes that you can’t tell the difference? If so, which one will you keep purchasing? Do you agree with the existence of alternatives on the market or you think brands are copying each other? Please comment below.

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  1. I was looking for a post like this! I love the breakdown of all the identical makeup dupes. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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