About me

Who am I?

Hi there .

I am Catalina. I am a nomad, not only digital. I haven’t found my place to settle down, but I found my home, with my sweetie pie Shelu and now we are going together around the world.

They say that once you start to travel, you will never belong in one place. I guess it’s true in some extent.

But what I take with me everywhere is the wish to make everything around me more beautiful, more easy, more joyful. 

I made twice a MUA class hoping I will start to work as one, but a 9 to 5 was always the norm, so I kept this as my passion only. In the meantime, I did some makeup, I gathered knowledge about products and I felt like  every workplace received my beautify touch.

It took one pandemic and a war to take me out of the killing routine I was perfectly comfortable with to wake me up and wake up the childish dreamer in me and here I am , giving the world a little bit of my knowledge and hoping there are people there I can help.