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The amazing products once available just in France are now found online and also the top of the top have made it in some pharmacies/drug stores all over the world. Of course, when something becomes viral, there is no way you are going to find it online or the stores, sometimes even for months.



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Why French pharmacy when it comes to your skin? Remember my first post? It all starts with a good healthy skin. And who is the best at good looking skin? The French, no doubt. Every time I get to meet a French person I am amazed of the texture , appearance of their skin, especially the face.

I got lucky some years ago to use a product( LA ROCHE POSAY-EFFACLAR DUO) that changed my philosophy when it comes to skin care, which is now LESS IS MORE. Simple steps with simple ingredients, no perfume, no parabens.

There is a whole madness now when it comes to French pharmacy products, people stay in lines for hours to get their essentials and believe me, once you find your product targeted to your needs, you will never want to switch. They make face serums, moisturizers, barrier repair creams, healing ointments. The ingredients are very good quality, they have gentle formulations, they help with the skin barrier.

I am always looking out for the novelties in each brand I already use products from, according to my skin type- which again is combination skin.


Here are the top French Pharmacy skincare products that you will see in most recommendations online.


There is no makeup artist kit without this product and for a good reason. This is the most iconic product when you say French skincare.  It removes resistant makeup, mascara and whatnot. As a night time routine it is to be used as step 1 in double cleansing. For precise makeup, you can use it with a very thin Q-tip and it will create the sharpest eyeliner or the cleanest edge of the eyeshadow. It can be used in the sensitive area of the eyes and on sensitive skin in general. It has NO fragrance and preserves skin barrier. I always take the small bottle with me when I travel and I never miss out on it. Whenever I am left with only a quarter bottle, I already purchase a new bottle. 

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My favorite brand when it comes to French Skin care. This is probably the first product everyone started using from the French Pharmacy wave. I never run out of it.  Formulated with spring water so rich in minerals it is proved to to sooth skin and it has antioxidant properties.

You can spray this trough the day for refreshing  and toning the skin. You can use it on a cotton pad to clean the skin after a cleanser as it can act like a toner which balances the skin.

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Another winner from La Roche Posay.

My combination skin needs a sun block without clogging my pores. And this is the winning product. It is fluid, lightweight, noncomedogenic, no fragrance, NO EYE STINGING, high protection broad spectrum and NO WHITE CAST. 

So many great things and it goes well under makeup as the last step before foundation. I use this religiously, even in the winter. Don’t get fooled by the sun peeking through the clouds, it’s still damaging for our skin, especially for me that I am using products for T-zone that are acne-treatments.

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Another one!:)) 

From La Roche Posay comes the product that changed my philosophy when it comes to treatment for acne breakouts- PATIENCE AND LESS IS MORE. I was desperate already from how my chin was looking. Gave this a chance and ever since, every time I do have a spot or a closed pore , I use this locally for 3-4 days, night and morning( for the daytime use the one with SPF or add a separate sun protection cream- IT’S A MUST).

 Contains Benzoyl Peroxide and micro exfoliating lipo-hydroxy acid(ingredients might differ if it’s US or UE, according to each one’s regulations) 

Reduces number and severity of acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and white heads.

I never never ever run out of it, I do have a spare one because many times it’s sold as it went viral.

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La Roche Posay. Yes, another winner product for me. 

When I understood that my oily T-zone needs hydration, otherwise it produces it’s own sebum that clogs the pores, it changed everything for me. We need hydration , but to keep the oil in control. My control. 

I use the cream for daytime, combined with a mattifying SPF cream so I don’t ruin the effect and it’s perfect for a foundation base. 

The fluid targets excess oil to mattify skin and refine pores. Formulated with micro exfoliating lipo-hydroxy acid, it’s an oil free face moisturizer.

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Sometimes, especially in the winter months , our skin becomes dry as *@$# and itchy. Some people experience this all year around. 

This multi-purpose cream should be in everyone’s house, it is a lifesaver. It hydrates cracked, chapped, chafed skin and dry skin irritations. Non-greasy ( the only cream my husband would let touch his body:)), this skin protectant relieves dry, rough skin. It’s even good for diaper rash.

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This body cream moisturizer is proven to provide 48 hours hydration. Clinically shown to reduce dry, rough skin, it is a triple repair body cream.

It is formulated with best soothing ingredients for sensitive skin: thermal water, Cermide-3, Shea butter, Glycerin, and Niacinamide. 

I use it after shower as a body moisturizer on days that my skin feels flaky and dehydrated and it has no fragrance to it, which makes it suitable also for sensitive skin.

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Totally obsessed with this indulging shower oil.

So rich, moisturizing for the dry skin, it softens and cleanses the skin with an iconic scent of almond which lingers. 

It is a worldwide best seller and for good reasons.

Mixed with water , it will become milky on the skin. It is a multitasking product, can be used for a bath tub soak or as a shaving base.

There are hotels that use this for their guests as toiletries, that fancy it feels.

Please consult with your partner if he is ok with the smell, as it really takes over:)

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Now here is comes the tough part with the French pharmacy skin and body care.  Not all products are available on the US market and not all products are formulated the same for US and the rest of the world markets, as different places are run by different regulations.


I did find this 2 anti-perspirant products on the European market and I stock up when I have the chance cause they are sooo effective. I live in a country where it is very very hot most time of the year, and BO can’t be happening for me. Not only. They prevent yellow marks on lighter color clothes, white marks on dark clothes or leftover residue.

They do have Aluminum versions available, so go look into that, do the research first !

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This was my edit of my most used products from French pharmacy skin care. Whenever I can I stock upon them, as they are reliable for my needs. These companies really care about the quality of their products and for the customer’s health and you can see why they have internationally success. 

Hope you really liked it and maybe you can write in a comment which product you tried and which product from the French Pharma that is not here really made a difference in your skin care.


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