Makeup starts with the basic. Your skin.


No make up will look good on top a not healthy skin. It will take time and patience to understand your skin needs and behavior and its a never ending story as time passes, weather changes, our hormones play tricks on us and so on.

First class in makeup school was about skin. Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It acts like a protective barrier between the outside world and our internal body. It has a role in regulating the body temperature and much more.

Our skin is made out of three layers :epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The epidermis is the first layer of the skin, it as always renewing itself . Dermis- second layer of the skin is where nerves and collagen is and hypodermis is the third layer where the grease is. As long as we respect and take care of our skin, not using aggressive products , protecting it from the sun, eating healthy and staying hydrated, it will look healthy and elastic and plumped .

There are 4 types of skin , which are pretty easy to recognize at a simple look .

  1. Dry skin: has texture and is dry, it has no shine, is aging faster and is not hydrated, it usually has pigmentation
  2. Oily skin: is shiny, in the T zone especially, it looks sweaty, it has open pores and is acne prone , but it ages slower than other skin types
  3. Combination skin( my skin type): it is oily on the T zone and dry on the sides, needs dedication with products for each part.
  4. Normal skin

For each skin type there are primers and foundations and powders in order to prepare the skin and the makeup to look good on top and last accordingly.

Don’t be cheap on your skin or your clients skin. Respect its needs and and pay attention to it. It is the first step before any makeup will go on top of it.

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