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Last updated March 20, 2024

Eye creams are such a sensitive subject literally, as opinions are so divided. Some say it’s just a gimmick, a marketing tool to sell more products and a simple moisturizer would do just fine under the eye, some take to extreme and would pay fortune to have a product that can address the issue the eye area is struggling with, some from a very early age. If you are like me, who cares for the skin around the eye to look good and you started to care about it once you passed your late 20’s , then I have some recommendations for some great reviewed creams that will help you improve the look of the skin. 

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Do you use makeup on a daily basis? Does your concealer look good over your eye cream or it looks textured? Does your skin look dry and the wrinkles show more after a few hours ? There is a chance that your eye-cream doesn’t fit your makeup product or even your skin needs. Maybe keep that specific eye cream for the night routine when you don’t need to put anything on top, because in the daytime your eyes need to be flawless as they are the first thing a person will look at when they meet you. 
I do have a whole post about a simple AM skincare routine that includes also eye cream recommendations, so feel free to check that also, it will help understand and remember on which step should applying the product come.

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Eye Zone Treatment

kiehls pot eye cream

When this cream first came out, I received a sample in the store as a thank you gift for another purchase I’ve made. It lasted me for a week, I used it day and night and I saw results instantly. If I wouldn’t have seen instant results, I wouldn’t have put myself on the long waiting list or paid the price it was costing at that time, because it was not coming cheap.

The cream feels more on the richer side, buttery-consistency, but it sinks relatively fast into the skin around the eyes and it is to be used also on the eyelid and brow bone where the skin is so sensitive and it works just fine. It doesn’t add extra texture around the area, so it stays good under concealer and it keeps the skin hydrated all day, making it more difficult for the wrinkles to show up. 


Strong points

It is an anti-aging eye-cream that targets visible signs of the issue.

It lifts, smooths , de-puff and brighten the eye-area.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin as it is paraben-free and fragrance-free.

Contains Niacinamide and Collagen Peptide, key ingredients in fighting anti-aging signs .

It is fast-absorbing although it feels rich.

Stays put after application, which means it will not enter your eye.

Does not cause milia (those little white grease spots that show a clogged endocrine sweat gland) which we know it can happen when using too rich creams.

Weak points:

Pricier than other eye-creams and not always on stock .

How and how much to use:

It is recommended to use half pea size amount , by applying it with circular, light massage movements to the undereye, brow bone, eyelid and outer-corners. 

Must be applied after serum and before the regular moisturizer (like in this skincare routine explained step by step)


First time I’ve heard of this eye-cream was when I received some gift samples with my Cult Beauty order. It was such an expensive and fancy cream that I was happy to try. You see how good it is for companies to send samples? In the drugstore market that doesn’t happen and it’s such a shame. Because once I got to use this one, I was definitely down to pay the very high price and receive a product that  is amazing and looks so good under makeup. The product is to be used both night and day for seeing results. That didn’t take long to happen, I saw an improvement in the general appearance of the skin around the eye-area in a matter of days. It is also more on the rich side but it absorbs fast and sinks into the skin, leaving the area like a canvas for the concealer or foundation on top.

Strong Points: 

The cream targets anti-aging issues such as fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles (that can be also hereditary not only related to the passing of time or lack of sleep).

Although rich and luxurious, the formula blends and melts fast into the skin.

Contains peptides for firming and plumping , silk tree extract for lifting and brightening, squalene for a protective barrier and hydration and niacinamide for fighting against aging signs. Contains Shea Butter and Cucumber extract for hydration, calming and soothing the skin.

The skin looks firmer, brighter , crease free and ready for makeup.

It comes with a pump, which makes the application sterile and controlled.

It is used by many celebrities, which shows the level of trust given in the product and how good the ingredients are.

Weak points:

Pricier than other eye-creams and not easy to find all the time. Not many retailers carry it and when it gets viral, it’s sold out everywhere.

How and how much to use:

For visible results, AM and PM using is recommended, after cleanser and serum. With the ring finger and gentle massage motions you can tap 1-2 pumps of the cream on the orbital area, from the inner to the outer corners. Avoid tugging and rubbing, the skin is so thin and sensitive around the eyes.

This… This is my favorite eye cream that sits so good underneath the makeup and makes me use less makeup, less concealer, because the skin looks so much better and brighter.

I didn’t have a sample before from the Ole Henriksen cream, but every time I was searching reviews for best creams to have under makeup, this one was not missing from the list if it was a known magazine, or bloggers or trusty people who are in the beauty world.

So ever since I got it, I don’t use anything else. The consistency is buttery , but the skin just drinks and enjoys it:)) It has a sunny yellow bright color(did I just read it contains gold??) which fades when it gets absorbed, but leaves behind the brightest undereye. The light reflecting mineral pigments color correct the undereye and the skin around the eyes is ready for the makeup.

Strong points:

The cream has a new improved version which caters to costumers requests, which I find so amazing, how the feedback made the company improve  a product that was amazing even before. 

The cream  was inspired by the make-up artist’s powder must-have “banana powder”, with the purpose of brightening the area underneath the eyes. On top of that, it’s crease resistant and improves concealer wear. Not only, because the skin looks so much better, I feel the need to use less concealer, which is a big plus for me.

Contains vitamin C, very potent in this cream , so don’t forget the sunscreen in the daytime.

Contains real gold for enhanced brightening and increased elasticity of the skin.

Targets the signs of aging: wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles.

Contains antioxidants from citrus bioflavonoids and orange extract. 

The new formula removed beeswax and replaced it with vegan collagen .

Weak points:

Sorry, I couldn’t think of any until now. I wish they could make bigger sized pot because I am already stressing out it’s going to finish. It’s pricier than other eye creams , but I think it’s worthy.

How and how much to use:

For visible and durable results, use it night and day, after cleanser and serum. With the ring finger and gentle massage motions you can tap 1 pea sized amount of the cream on the orbital area, from the inner to the outer corners. Avoid tugging and rubbing, the skin is so thin and sensitive around the eyes. Because it contains a triple vitamin C complex, make sure you are fine with the ingredients as some people are sensitive to that,

The only reason this eye cream didn’t make my top of the top is because I feel like it’s too light for me, I need a richer cream, but it works perfect under makeup, doesn’t add texture and keeps the skin hydrated around the eyes. It targets puffiness and dark circles with deep moisturizing adaptogenic Ashwagandha , Holy Basil, Reishi Mushroom and Turmeric and stimulating supergreens and Green Coffee Oil. Amazing ingredients, right?

I would recommend this cream as the first cream if you are only now starting to use one, age wise. It’s a clean formula and pricewise is acceptable. 

If you tried one of my recommendations or you have one of your own, please comment down below. What is important is that you tried the cream with makeup on top because I’ve had so many makeup disasters in the past because of the skincare underneath that practically canceled all my effort on putting the makeup.

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  1. I don’t use any eye creams, but I know many who do, I’m going to mention these brands to my friends. They just might find them of interest.

  2. My daughter used to complain about how her cream causes patchiness under her makeup. We switched to Shani Darden and she no longer has that problem! Such. great product.

  3. This is timely since I am planning to buy a new eye cream. I am actually keen in trying the one from Keihls. Happy to know that its suitable for sensitive skin and it’s paraben free. Thank you for the tips on how to use it.

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